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Mar 27, 2017 |
A universal scheduler for individual/offices/business events.Includes importing from Outlook,exporting to Outlook/Text/Html/PDF/Excel. Different time display options in the day view,multiple look and ... Read more

lottery sambad

Mar 27, 2017 |
Great and really helpful article! Adding to the conversation, providing more information, or expressing a new point of view...Nice information and updates. Really i like it and everyday am visiting ... Read more


Mar 27, 2017 |
Psi!, centro de psicologia conformado por un equipo de psicologos en Barcelona, dirigidos por la psicologa Mª Laura Fernandez, especialistas en terapia Gestalt, terapia sistemica, terapia de pareja y ... Read more

Bolt Free PDF Printer Software

Mar 27, 2017 |
Free PDF Printer Software. Print to PDF files instead of to a printer. Print PDFs from any application that can be viewed from any PDF reader such as Word, Excel, OpenOffice, and more. You can also ... Read more


Wisharide - We share ride

Jan 8, 2016 |
Wish A Ride is a new mode of transportation that lifts car pooling to a different level. A fun filled ride that earns you friends and perks. ... Read more

Bed and breakfast Redhill

Jan 9, 2016 |
Perhaps you are on a road trip with friends and all you want is a place to lay your head at night and have breakfast in the morning. Three Bridges Hotel offers great bed and breakfast Redhill visitors ... Read more

Chevvai Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Chevvai was orn from the sweat that fell upon the ground from mother Uma's forehead. There is also a different version in which Chevvai is the son of sage Bharathwaja and was brought up by mother ... Read more

Saniswarar Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Saniswarar is dressed in black. He is narrow chested and a leg is lame. He had a massive lance in one hand and the other hand holds a posture of refuge. ... Read more

Rahu Bhagavan Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Rahu was the son of Asura king Viprasithi and queen Simmigai. When the Asura prince Rahu went to the feast following the churning of elixir from the ocean of milk. ... Read more

Suriyan Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Suriyan or the Sun had his birth in the sound 'OM' which word originated the existence of this world. Suryan is auspicious Graha. He is the right eye of Lord Siva. The sun is the prime star one with ... Read more

Sukra Bagavan Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Sukran was the son of sage Bhirugu and Pulomisai. He went to Kasi and constructed a Linga for worship, which prayers he held for a long time and learnt Amirtha Sanjeevini Manthra from Lord Siva with ... Read more

Kethu Bhagavan Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Kethu who is a red snake grips Suriyan and causes Solar eclipse. Kehu by the grace of Lord Siva, became a Graha. His form became divine and the had the five heads of snake grown upon him. His consort ... Read more

Guru Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Guru is the minister of Indra, the lord of Devas. Temperamentally, Guru is Sattvic tending towards harmony. He rides an elephant. His chariot is pulled by a golden horse. ... Read more

Chandran Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Chandran is the most auspicious of the Navagrahas. Our sacred texts narrate that Chandran was born with the elixir when the Devas churned the ocean of milk. ... Read more

Bhudan Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Bhudan is the lord of all learning and knowledge about science and arts. He is the son Chandran and Thara. Sukumaravanam was a forest under the curse of Umadevi, who ever set foot into those woods ... Read more

Navagrahas Temples

Jan 11, 2016 |
Navagrahas are under the control and command of Mother Parameswari. Planets impact upon each individual's life, right from the moment of birth. ... Read more

Vontimitta Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Sri Kodanda Ramaswamy temple is in the tiny town of Vontimitta, 25km from Cuddapah. The temple is located on the highway connecting Cuddapah with Tirupati touch this place, as do the more frequent ... Read more

Vijayawada Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Goddess Kanaka Durgamma is considered as the patron-goddess of Vijayawada, as she sits o the Indirakiladri Parvatha or mountains. Vijayawada is also known as Bezawada. It is said that at one time huge ... Read more

Tirupati Tiruchanoor Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
The Tirumala-Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD), which administers the shrines in and around Tirupati, never tires of telling devotees that a trip to Tirumala, the abode of Lord Venkateswara, is complete ... Read more

Tirumala Tirupati Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Tirumala, is also as the biggest draw on the pilgrimage circuit. With an average 50,000 devotees flocking the temple-town on an ordinary day the figure shooting past the 100,000 mark on festive ... Read more

Srisailam Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Srisailam is the abode of Lor Mallikarjuna Swamy and Goddess Brahmaramba, Shiva and Parvati respectively. According to the Srisailakandam, this place was earlier known as Mantharaparvatam. ... Read more

Srikakulam Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Srikakulam is in the far northeastern corner of Andhra Pradesh is in Krishna district. It is famous for Srikakuleswara Swamy temple, better known as Sri Andhra Maha Vishnu. ... Read more

Samalkot Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Samalkot is home to Sri Kumararama Bhimeswara Swamyvari Devasthanam, one of the five Pancharama (five important Shiva shrines) temples in the Andhra area. ... Read more

Rajamundry Temple

Jan 11, 2016 |
Rajamundry is famous for the bridge across the Godavari, connecting the city with Kovvur. It is Asia's second longest rail cum road bridge. Sri Uma Markandeswara Swamy Temple, Sri Shyamalamma Temple ... Read more